Geyser Installations / Burst Geyser Replacements

Are you looking for a new geyser?  Well then it’s time to give Geysers only a call.  There is nothing more frustrating than a geyser that isn’t working, not only is it frustrating but it can also mess up your daily routine.  After a long hard day’s work, there is nothing better than a hot shower/ bath and when your geyser isn’t operating as it should, it can really throw a spanner in the works.  Geysers only use quality guarantees on all geyser we install.  Geysers only have been operating for a few years now and have grown in leaps and bounds.  We have effective communication between staff and technicians as well as clients which has lead to excellent problem solving ensuring we tackle every obstacle as best we can.

Replacing a burst geyser or fitting a new geyser can be a tricky task, especially if you are not trained in the relevant safety aspects of  plumbing. We recommend that any work involving your water supply be carried out by an experienced and fully trained geyser specialist. These large, extremely heavy appliances need to be hoisted into your roof space or cavity and then care must be taken to install the relevant pipework and electrical supplies to enable full functionality which is both efficient and safe in use

Geyser Installations

Geysers only specialize in new geyser installations and burst geyser replacements in both the domestic and commercial market.  We have a wide variety of geysers that cater to your ever need and requirement.  We guarantee excellent workmanship and the most competitive prices.  All projects are tackled to the best of ability and we try and get them done in a timely and organised manner.  We will make sure that your geyser is working well and unsure that your home in running as it should.

Our Services:

While our team is made up of only professional and experienced consultants, we understand that you will require a personalized service, hand-on approach and great rate – all of which is absolutely guaranteed at Geysers only

  • Geyser replacements (Burst geysers)
  • New Geyser installations
  • 50, 100, 150 and 200l electrical geysers.
  • Guarantees on expertise and materials
  • Kwikot has a 3 or 5 year factory warranty
  • We only use new, high quality materials for all projects.

Our Skills:

Geyser Installations (Electrical) 100%
Kwikot Benchmark 100%
Geyser Maintenance 100%
General Plumbing 100%
Solar Geysers 80%

We supply and fit 50, 100, 150 and 200 l Kwikot Electrical Geyser for Residential and Commercial Customers.

Inside the ceiling or mounted to a wall we do it all.

Inside the Ceiling

Geyser installation inside the ceiling via the roof

Inside the Ceiling

Installation inside the ceiling via trap door

Mounted to a wall

Geyser mounted to a wall less than 2m from the ground

On top of a roof

Installation on top of a roof

Company Profile (Geysers only division of Wertan Projects)



About us

Geysers only have vast experience in the plumbing industry with geyser replacements and installations in particular. We install geyser for Residential and Commercial customers all day every day.

Our History

Geysers only have been operating in the Gauteng and Pretoria from 2009 installing highest quality geysers at the best prices. We are a team that is well equipped and experienced to provide professional and effective service. We work fast but do not compromise on quality at any stage.

Our Vision

To be S.A’s leading geyser installation company providing excellent service. Geyser only is an honest reliable and on-time geyser contractor. We are specialist when it comes to burst geysers and geyser installations. We believe we offer a service second to none and we would greatly appreciate being of service to you.

Management Team

Tanya van der Linde (Office Manager)
Tel: 072 184 3432

Werner Jansen van Rensburg (Snr Plumber)
Tel: 079 250 6543

Our Suppliers

We only supply and fit geysers sourced from the industry leader Kwikot.

All geyser installations comply with the latest safety bylaws of SANS 10254.

The level of service that we provide are in accordance with the standards set out by the SABS, and you can expect from us a guarantee on our workmanship.We have a good relationship with our product suppliers who are and we do have access to these companies technical departments to ensure that we give our customers the best advice on problem areas.

Geyser Installations

Why Geysers only?

Burst Geyser Replacements
Burst Geyser Replacements


Burst Geyser Replacements

Burst Geyser Replacements


We have all the industry standard tools and we're regularly updating our stock with the latest plumbing equipment


We're convinced, that any good service simply must also be an affordable service. That is why we always keep our pricing at bay

Burst Geyser Replacements


Everyone knows, how hard it is to find a plumber to replace a geyser. As opposed to that notion, we are open 7 days a week 365 days a year

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