What is damp?

Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure.

  • Dampness tends to cause secondary damage to a building.
  • The unwanted moisture enables the growth of various fungi causing mold health issues and lead to sick building syndrome. Plaster and paint deteriorates.
  • Stains, from water, salts and from mold, mar surfaces.
  • Molds can grow on almost any surface and occurs where there is a lot of moisture from structural problems.
  • Airborne mold concentrations have the potential to be inhaled and causes serious health effects in humans.
  • Externally, mortar will crumble and salt stains will appear on the walls.
  • Steel and iron fasteners rust.
  • Mortar and plaster will fall away from the affected wall.
Damp proofing Contractors

We can help you!

We will turn your water or moisture damaged building into a problem free structure.

We are highly regarded specialists when it comes to DAMP PROOFING and we have a team of experts armed with all the knowledge and solutions you need to rid your home of damp for good.

One call to damp proofing contractors will cover it all, from finding the route of the issue through to full diagnostics and a breakdown of the best solutions and treatments required.

Our solutions, prevention and treatments are designed to be both durable and cost effective whilst maintaining the highest levels of excellence and customers satisfaction.

Damp proofing is one of the most important methods of keeping walls and structural foundations in good, long lasting conditions.  Its main purpose is to prevent moisture from passing through the walls into the interior spaces.  Our damp proofing service consist of damp proof courses, which are used to resist moisture into the walls.  Damp proofing will ensure the prolonged structural integrity of the walls.

Wertan Projects are able to provide solutions for rising, lateral and penetrating damp problems.  Wertan Projects provides permanent solutions with guarantees that will provide you peace of mind.  In most cases, rising damp is identified by moisture reading obtained around the base of the walls, however in more severe cases of prolonged dampness, visible damp patches may appear along with hygroscopic salts on the wall surfaces
Damp proofing Contractors

Our Suppliers

We take great pride in our work and our aim is to ensure that we always meet the highest standards.  At Wertan Projects, we only use quality products & materials, backed byour suppliers and the guarantees that they provide on certains products.  Different applications require the use of different products – with our experience, you can be assured that we will use the correct product for the surface and conditions. We only use quality products, and trusted brands such as: DampsurePlascon, Dulux, etc. 

We have a good relationship with our product suppliers who are and we do have access to these companies technical departments to ensure that we give our customers the best advice on problem areas

Damp proofing Contractors

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